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Advantage Partners’ mission is to partner with our clients to reduce the complexity, stress and uncertainty of undergoing compliance audits, all while implementing best practices related to security.

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“This experience
has been transformative…”

“We are deeply grateful for the exceptional support and guidance provided by the Advantage Partners team throughout our SOC2 journey. As a small company, the prospect of navigating the SOC2 process appeared daunting; however, from the onset, our experience has been nothing short of remarkable. Their comprehensive guidance library, coupled with the unparalleled responsiveness of their team members, has been invaluable.

With the unwavering support of the Advantage Partners team, we have navigated the SOC2 process with a sense of comfort and confidence in our actions. This experience has been transformative, and we extend our sincere gratitude to the entire Advantage Partners team for their instrumental role in our success.”

Vlad Anikin, CTO


What Our Customers Have to Say

“We are confident that working with Advantage Partners helped us to improve our security posture and protect our customer data. They took the time to understand our technology, product, and security needs, which allowed them to provide us with a comprehensive SOC 2 audit. This will help us maintain strong and consistent security practices as we continue to scale.”

Wayne Pan, CTO & Founder

“Working with Advantage Partners streamlined our SOC 2 experience and gave us confidence with our security posture. They were knowledgeable and supportive in addressing our requests, allowing us to focus our time on other areas of the business.”

Cheng Han Lee, Co-Founder

“I highly recommend Advantage Partners for SOC 2 compliance. Their audit process was incredibly thorough, and they streamlined the entire process, enabling us to quickly earn our certification. Their team has a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving security landscape and SOC 2 requirements, so we were able to focus on core operations and goals without the usual compliance headaches.”

Shreyas Iyer, CTO

“The Advantage Partners team was not only instrumental in achieving our SOC 2 compliance but they helped us unblock enterprise customers by providing the knowledge of how this security milestone is relevant to sales cycles and successful partnerships.”

Jack Chapman, Cofounder

“Working with Advantage Partners on our SOC 2 compliance allowed for an incredibly streamlined and swift audit process. Their expertise in the space and commitment to their clients provided the guidance we needed to quickly achieve this milestone for our own security & compliance program.”

Spencer Levitt, Co-Founder

“One of the key advantages of partnering with Advantage Partners is their deep understanding of security and compliance standards. This extensive knowledge ensured that we met the stringent requirements set forth by industry regulations. Their attention to detail, professionalism and meticulous approach instill confidence that our operations are aligned with the highest security standards.”

Vijaya Lakshmi Narayan S (Vijay), CTO

“Advantage Partners provided a clear, seamless, and positively fast experience to the typically complex and lengthy SOC 2 audit. Working with their team on our compliance gave us confidence in the quality of our report and our commitment towards building our customers’ trust.”

Patricia Recarte, CEO & Cofounder

“The team at Advantage Partners did an amazing job to walk us through the SOC 2 audit process & timeline. They were also able to accommodate our expedited timeline needs, which helped us close customers faster. We highly recommend engaging with them as partners for your SOC 2 and compliance goals.”

Oliver Tang, Co-Founder & CTO

“Advantage Partners made becoming SOC 2 compliant incredibly simple and made our lives much easier. They were attentive and helpful throughout the entire process and allowed us to focus on running our business instead of being overwhelmed with documentation.”

Evis Drenova, CEO & Co-Founder

Advantage Partners made our security & compliance process easier and were able to complete our audit much faster than we were expecting. There was no need for a lot of back and forth, they collect and review the evidence, and then provide feedback once the audit is complete. Their firm was extremely easy and flexible to work with and we will definitely be using them again!”

Matt Sapio, Information Security Manager

“As a startup achieving SOC 2 for the first time, it was helpful working with Advantage Partners to streamline our audit and demonstrate our commitment to operational excellence. Advantage Partners’ dedication to their clients and expertise in the space made it easier for us to achieve our compliance and security goals.”

Ethan Ruby, CEO

“Key benefits of working with Advantage Partners are their proficiency in the space, dedication to their clients, and seamless approach to achieving SOC 2 compliance. In partnering with their team, we were able to confidently undergo this audit process in order to prioritize improving our security posture.”

Joonas Berguis, Co-Founder & CTO


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